Happening in Toronto

eminent domain

A few events that may be of interest to you:

1. BUS RIDE #6 @ The Power Plant
Artist Field Trip
Maria Hupfield
Saturday, 25 July 2–3:30PM

Meet in YES! Association/Föreningen JA!’s exhibition space at The Power Plant

For this bus ride, Brooklyn based Canadian artist Maria Hupfield will lead a ride to three downtown Toronto public art space stops, each leading to specific performances centered on the strength of artistic spirit and production. Participants will receive a map handout charting the route prior to boarding the bus; in between destination.

2. Eminent Domain @ The Power Plant
An exhibition by Bik Van der Pol on now. Excerpts from the description:


For their commissioned project at The Power Plant, Bik Van der Pol continues their investigation on the ways that human activity in the globalized age has a direct effect on ecological systems. Their title references the concept of eminent domain coined by author Hugo Grotius in 1625. Eminent domain is understood as the power that the State may exercise over land within its territory, whereby the government or one of its agencies has the right to expropriate private property for public use through payment or compensation. By foregrounding this concept, Bik Van der Pol’s project alludes to the increasing privatization of previously public goods including territory, property and the public domain at large.

By physically situating and mirroring the viewer amidst these statistics, they shift from spectator to engaged participant. As a result, Bik Van der Pol’s research offers an opportunity for the gallery to become a site for discursive activities that examines both the re-articulation of public and private property and the threat of such activities on natural environments.

Through their practice, Bik Van der Pol aim to articulate and understand how art can produce a public sphere, and to create space for speculation and imagination. This includes forms of mediation through which publicness is not only defined but also created. Their working method is based on co-operation and research inquiries surrounding the activation of situations serving the creation of platforms for various kinds of communicative activities.

More info here
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