Project Summary- Exploring Umwelt

For my final project, I would like to propose a public art installation, situated in an urban setting with a high traffic volume of people of the city; possibly Toronto or New York. For this project, I would like to build a large white box where people can enter the space through a door and explore the sensory experience of Umwelt.  Within this space, I would like to provide an area that re-enacts a natural forestry environment. With environmental factors, the organic substance of trees, grass, moss, mud, etc. will collectively affect the behaviour of the individual who enters it. I hope that within this space, people will be able to relieve their tensions by experiencing nature through ideas of umwelt. Within this space, I would like to make a bronze sculpture of a moose or deer standing by a woman. I would like the figures to be divided, commenting on the human-animal divide in which will eventually be covered in a moss paste that will eventually grow and consume both bodies and show as one figure. This will be a reclaiming of animality to the human-animal and will speak to the restructuring of the relationship between the non-human and human animal while the individual can explore the sensations of this human-made environment.


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