Curatorial Research & Development Project

Curatorial Research & Development Project

My current area of interest are site-specific projects that involve public interaction.

I will be looking at the artist Angel Chen’s artistic strategies of social interaction and community discussion to develop my curatorial project. I am interested in exploring themes of participation, mass media and identity specifically through the projects Candid Call Centre and Dim Sum City where the idea that the relationship between the artist and audience is the artwork is more evident.

The concept of site can be understood through Chen’s work of utilitarian places that use a specific aesthetic in order to expose an ignored dynamic. Her interpretations of regular places go beyond the goal of creating consensus in a group of people, but rather to provoke them and disrupt the believes that they may hold about common topics. (This will develop the topic of participation.)

I am interested in the formats through which the artist had to develop her works in, since both of these pieces were able to exist through different Institutional systems. I will also explore how this method of work modifies the initial intention of the work and the outcomes of this process. (This will develop the topic of identity and how it is constructed.)

Also, I will discuss the temporality of the works through storage methods such as videos, photos and written records in order to develop the topic of mass media and whether it manages to maintain its initial impact or not.


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