Final Project – Hoop Dreams

*Posted on behalf of Esmaa

My final project involves a series of concrete casted basketballs, stacked one on top of another forming an 8ft by 12ft high wall titled, Hoop Dreams. The basketballs will appear deformed, each in their own unique way. The basketballs will rest on top of each other in an organic, but uniform manner. I envision this work existing in an area where there is high human trafficking, ideally in the heart of downtown. This work signifies the black man’s struggle and relationship with the sport of basketball. Contemporarily, basketball has become what is believed to be, one of the few lucrative options for the black man. However, many black men do not make it to the NBA, and their hoop dreams are deflated—as they’re forced to exercise other negative options to survive (e.g. crime related activities). This wall is a direct confrontation with the reality the black man is faced with growing up. The work seeks to divide public space and confront the viewer with the harsh actuality that the black man is faced with. As an alternative to the wall installation, I have contemplated placing the individual concrete basketballs on the ground, scattered across 10x10ft area.


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