Final Project Summary ( HOPE)

My final project is a Presentation Project in which a group will be selecting works of ten artists who have the talent but have not had the opportunity of demonstrating their work to the public and not been recognized. These works will be selected by a public committee consisting of a Curator, a Project Manager and an Accounts Officer.
This project will be in a developing or not so developed suburb of Toronto for a month or less and open to the public / artists/ curators/children. This will consist of paintings, sculptures and decorative arts and will be publicized in the leading news columns, art websites and schools. The objective is to encourage artists who have lost hope in their work and allow them to bring out their best. Finally towards the end days their artworks will be auctioned and the money raised will be given to the artists and saved for running this project again after three years.
To begin this project I hope to get some public grant, once I have that with that money I would want to have the venue cleaned, encourage the artists and along with the help of the other team members begin execution of it.


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