Project Summary

I am bouncing around two disparate ideas at the moment for my project proposal, and require some assistance in making the final decision. I will briefly explain each curatorial project meant for different public spaces in Toronto.

My first idea is a public installation of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s The Forty Part Motet. This is a sound- based work that involves forty separate speakers placed in a large circle in a space, each playing one singular voice in a forty-part chorus of “Spem in Alium” by Thomas Tallis (see below).

The sound changes as one moves throughout the speakers, towards and away from individual voices. I’ve seen the work twice in interior spaces, but my aim would be to take the work outside, into a secluded area of High Park, so one can come across it unexpectedly. Alternatively, I would like to install in Sunnyside Pool after it has been emptied out, in order to change the sound and create an exterior/ interior experience. In the middle of the speakers, either in High Park or in the empty pool, I would like to suspend Felix Gonzales-Torres’s Untitled “North”, consisting of twelve strands of lightbulbs (see image below). This will mean the shifting of a public space that would be abandoned, unused, perhaps not even walked on into something of a meditative, chapel-like interior. Interestingly, both works have been shown in chapels. A third potential location would be an empty train yard North of Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood.

Nuit Blanche 2013. Felix Gonzalez-Torres - Untitled (North), 1993, Untitled (Last Light), 1993 (√?glise Saint-Eustache)

Nuit Blanche 2013. Felix Gonzalez-Torres – Untitled (North), 1993, Untitled (Last Light), 1993 (Saint-Eustache)

The second proposal I am considering is an insertion of sculpture by women artists that concern the interior of the body or corporeal material into Holt Renfrew on Bloor St. These sculptures will be somewhat grotesque forms, reminding the viewer of skin, blood, decay, and the body’s furtive and abject insides. This will be in contrast to the lavish exhibits of clothing and makeup that cover the body. Holt Renfrew’s glossy surroundings will host work by Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, Kiki Smith, and Tracey Emin- although this list may be altered.


Louise Bourgeois, Janus Fleuri, 1968


Eva Hesse, No Title, 1970


Kiki Smith, Untitled, 1992

In the accessories section of Holt Renfrew, I wish to show a full-wall projection of absurd and sublime object photography by emerging Canadian female photographers such as Maya Fuhr, Rebecca Storm, and Kelsey Stasiak. These overblown images (changing constantly as per the blogs that usually house them) of mundane and perhaps ugly objects, will provide an incongruity with the inordinately expensive and beautiful objects in the store such as purses and shoes, while addressing femininity’s relationship to things and to form.


Rebecca Storm


Rebecca Storm

Images courtey of Andrea Rosen Gallery,, Tate Modern,,


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